Sunday, June 6, 2010

Night of Mayhem = Huge Success

I was just checking this blog and I realized that no one had yet posted about what a huge success "Night of Mayhem" 's inaugural event was. The upstairs of Anduzzi's was packed for the majority of the night and we got incredibly positive feedback. We are going to continue to receive written feedback over the next day or so and then we will hopefully post some pictures and responses we've received in celebration of the event.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Final Updates -Facebook event

As we approach the night of June 4th I, Queen of Behind the Scenes, am having less and less to update about. As Nico and Yui posted Night of Mayhem has begun to pop up on local news sites, we had an ad in the Lawrentian, and the Post Crescent article come out in two days. The minor poster dilemma (concerning advertised drink specials and drinking games at a Lawrence event) and campus center screen posting aside, our advertising campaign was a success. We accomplished everything else we wanted to achieve and more.

Now we are in our final marketing phases before the big event. The facebook event page has officially been launced. If you are reading this, over 21 and live in appleton make sure to check it out. RSVP and then invite all your friends to the event as well. Heck if you are not from Appleton or not 21, but you know people who are 21+ in Appleton make sure to tell them about Night of Mayhem, June 4th at Anduzzi's and tell them to come.

We hope to see all of you there. It's going to be awesome.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

June 4th Event Popping Up Online

We submitted our event to local news stations and it looks like it's starting to pop up on their community calendars. First one I've seen is on our local CBS station, WFRV. Click here to check it out.

Update: Searching again I found the event is also up on the Post Crescent, Fox11, and WBAY (local ABC affiliate) websites! We're also looking forward to an article in the Post Crescent this coming Thursday.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Check Out This Week's Lawrentian!

Page 3 of The Lawrentian this week features a large ad for our event!

Monday, May 24, 2010

We have been steadily moving towards finalizing our event, but unfortunately we have ran into a wall. There are some people on campus that are unhappy with the fact that our posters are promoting drinking as a Lawrence University event. This is perfectly reasonable and probably something one of us should have thought about before creating the posters. Now we have to redesign and reprint our posters ASAP and hopefully get some distributed by the end of this week. Nothing ever goes completely smoothly, and last minute obstacles always seem to sneak up when planning large scale events like this. Hopefully we will still be able to get the word out and make this the event that we wanted it to be. Our lesson learned: get people in charge of the organization you are representing in your advertisements to proof read them before printing. We did have Anduzzi's look at them, but forgot about the Lawrence part.

More minor updates

A few small things have gone down over the last couple of days:

- First of all we have officially submitted a press release with the post crescent and will hopefully remain in contact with their entertainment and nightlife sections over the next two weeks.

-We have also listed our event on Fox 11 community online.

- Cheryl Snodgrass finally got back to us, however she seems to busy at the moment to respond to all our questions by email. I will hopefully be talking to her over the phone sometime before the term ends if we can coordinate our schedules.

- It seems that we could not get our poster into circulation on the campus center screens due to the fact that our event takes place off campus. However, we have distributed a large number of teaser posters around campus and if everything remains on schedule the official posters should be distributed tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Another advertising update.

I sent an email to Liz Boutelle in communication today to get a .pdf copy of our final poster design. (Two typos were fixed between the version that is posted on our blog and the version that was sent to the printers.) Ideally, we will be able to get this .pdf file and will submit it to be circulated as one of the posters on the screens in the campus center.

Also, I have contacted Kara Patterson at the Appleton Post Crescent about securing an article in their paper. As soon as she replies back, I will post more details about that advertising campaign.

Beyond that, we are in continual discussion about "hype" and "intrigue" campaigns. I talk more about those at this time, but that would ruin the hype and intrigue.

On a final note: Budgets! Our current spending to date is 29 dollars. (Not including Yui's DJ equipment, which we will try to receive some reimbursement for if no further costs are incurred.) I will try to post an updated spread sheet including both our "Pie in the Sky" and "Actual Cost" budgets before the end of the week.